From an early age, Jeremy was immersed in a musical and pictorial universe, both urban and professional. Very young, he began his career in drawing and quickly graffiti, thanks to which he discovered the work of typography. Graduated in graphic arts in 2011, he started his own career and worked regularly for clients such as Universal Music, and was a graphic designer and photographer for artists like Kool Shen, Dillon Cooper, Norm, Julien Lachaussée. In 2014, he embarked on the realization of silver portraits as well as in street photography, especially in the United States, and plans several series of photographs around the globe.
Lost Angels is a project underway in several US metropolises. This series covers the city of New York, its downtown in Manhattan, but also Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. A systematic and stereotyped look at these metropolises is commonly considered, whereas a simple exploration of "non-tourist" places and their inhabitants undoubtedly reverse this vision.
This series expires the will to show a sample of individuals from all horizons in their daily environment, and to express their state of mind, notably by the gaze, or the non-gaze, which leads to a diametrically opposite feeling on the overall condition of the individual. The aesthetic aspect of the photographs makes it possible to bring out the best and the worst of the subjects condition, to better confront them on the one hand with regard to a stranger interested in them for no apparent reason and on the other hand to their own look at their condition. An unprecedented awareness of the model takes place on the image it refers to.
But all this is only a strictly personal feeling and born in the course of moments, encounters and discoveries. In reality, like many photographs, this series emanates a completely opposite feeling. As Garry Winogrand said, « I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs », « Photos have no narrative content. They only describe light on surface ».


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